At Lorex Solutions, we go beyond customer service by providing professional services, dependability and peace of mind, only found at Lorex,

Our client focused approach provides practical and reliable accounting and business services to individuals and businesses alike. All of our clients receive an accountant who will stand by the their side, who is available at all times to answer questions or concerns, provide financial updates and do everything else in between. The world of accounting is just too big! Businesses, both small and large, are dependent on accounting and finance as the building blocks for success. Let us take care of all your accounting and financial needs. We will work with you, one step at a time, while keeping all your business files up-to-date.

Too Much Will Become Very Little

Why get setback with company papers? Just give them to us, small or large loads, and we will do all the work. We even do catch up work for our clients that have accumulated files over the years.

Never Run Out of Time

Don't have time? No problem. We provide plenty of options that make dropping off your files and communicating that much more convenient. E-mail, by phone or in person are just few examples of how we can set up and conduct meetings.

Secure and Safe. It's Our Priority

At Lorex Solutions, clients are worry free. Every piece of document will be retained with the utmost level of privacy, guaranteed.