Raaf welcomes new commander of the 1st Regiment of the Austrian army, Hermann von Heitzel

Raaf welcomes new commander of the 1st Regiment of the Austrian army, Hermann von Heitzel

The first officer in the Austrian army to leave the ranks and come in to help replace the army chief after the devastating battle of Passchendaele was the former 1st Battalion commander Hermann von Heitzel, who in his capacity as deputy military chief of Austria, was chosen by the newly-elected king.

But in a historic move, in the aftermath of the battle, he was replaced by Franz Josef von Kiel, a former deputy minister of foreign affairs, deputy deputy army commander, but also known in the army for his controversial comments, and finally by the new general commander of the Austrian army, Hermann von Heitzel.

‘This is a great day for my country, and for all the Armed Forces of the European Union (EU)’ – Chancellor of the EU, José Manuel Barroso

This sudden change by an individual is seen as a big boost to Heitzel’s confidence, particularly with the support of the king and his people, because the army chief is seen as being far superior in terms of military experience to the head of state, whom the public tend to regard as too old.

In a speech on the stage in Vienna, the king celebrated the new general as “the man who will keep the army safe, to preserve peace and order and to safeguard the territory of the Austrian Empire”.

Heitzel’s appointment is seen as a change in the face of a man he says has lost his way.

“In a moment, he has made a mistake that h바카라사이트is supporters do not approve of but which the national leaders do,” King Albert said. “But when it comes to the battle of Passche바카라ndaele, which will help the army to fight a better war, we need not listen to what his colleagues say.

“The man whom it is our duty to serve and which our country deserves and which we need at any cost, is Hermann von Heitzel.”

‘No one should believe the rumors’

On the stage at the Vienna rally, Barroso and other key figures including Merkel, Merkel’s party leader Sigmar Gabriel, Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier바카라사이트 and Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere all called for Heitzel’s immediate return.

Heitzel has said that he has not changed any of his political views, and called the “myths” of the far right and extremis